Selling & Buying Information

Buyer's Premium: 20%

The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium of 20 % all payments are charged to bidders registered cards at the close of all Auctions. At which time receipt shall be emailed over.

Bidders are required to follow the auction link from the website, Once ready to bid if you have not already registered an account, then a registration form will pop up and will require you to register before you are able to place a bid, you shall be required also to pre-register your debit, credit card, which shall only be charged if you win items, charges shall be automatically made at the close of the auction bidding, through stripe payments.

Seller's Premium: 20%

The Seller shall pay the hammer premium on the hammer price, which shall be deducted from the sales totals, payments following the Auction shall be made by bank transfer within 21 days of collection or delivery of items sold.

Note:-Sellers pay only a premium when an item sells, no charge for reserve amounts on items, lotting fees, or unsold items charges.

All seller's items are entered into the following Auction ensuring timely turnarounds without waiting months, within traditional Auction Houses to be sold. Following our Auction items sold by auction to the highest bidder above the reserve price, shall remain in your safekeeping until the full sale price has been paid by the buyer in full.

Following the payment which has been cleared, you will receive your seller's statement from On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions within 2 days approximately the auction – closing date once payment from the buyer has been settled. The statement which you shall receive clealy shows the price at which the item was sold, along with the deduction of the sales commission of 20%, We charge no other costs to our sellers ensuring the seller benefits from our environmentally friendly no bricks Auction House Online Antique & Eccentricity Auctions, which other traditional bricks and mortar Auction Houses, sadly often charge high commissions to both buyers and sellers plus excessive amounts of unfair additional charges to the sellers. Positives about selling with On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions

  • No fees for reserve prices

  • No fees for photography

  • No listing fees

  • Free customer support

  • No transportation costs to bricks and mortar auction houses

  • No unsold fees

  • No re-entry of items into another auction

  • All paperwork electronically distributed